"I is an other"

"Artjunky curatorial powerhouse" "One of the Top Ten Galleries of the future" Art Review  2001

Artjunky burst onto the London Art Scene in 1999/2000 with their first ambitious public art project "Screening", commisioned works from Frederic Moser and Philippe Schwinger and Yves Netzhammer were shown on a sixty foot screen in Leicester Square, running continually for three months and seen by over a million people in 2000.  

Merely Drying Out and England Our England followed suit with vast numbers of art lovers viewing artists works in the middle of carnaby Street London, enabling Artjunky to fulfill their curatorial longing to show art to as many people in unusual settings as possible.

One such project they worked on with Russian art collective AES Group was to display giant sculptures from AES on top of corinthian colums alongside Blackfriars Bridge in London.

After years of immersion in all forms of Art and Art practise, Artjunky have come to the realisation that in Abstract Art their is still unfinished business.

Along with Blinkey Palermo we believe that painting a triangle is more than a three sided pursuit.